A stone carving depicting two abstacted heads overlapping one another. The Kalu spark icon is present at the intersection of the mind of one head and the eye of the other
Sajith Jayaweera (b. 1986) Transmission(2022) Concrete aggregate/Digital


 is  a  graphic  design practice in Boorloo. We create  identities and  communications  confident  in message and distinct  in  form.

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Kalu is the design practice of Sajith Jayaweera1 and Jo Yong2. We approach graphic design as a continuous process of research, exploration, application, and contemplation. Kalu functions as both a design studio that works and collaborates with clients, as well as an outlet for our own expression.

Design is relationships. Design is a relationship between form and content.3 It is also the relationship between the needs of the problem and the possibilities of the medium. The relationship between the client and designer, between the problem and its surrounding context, between the outcome and the audience4. The realisation of design is to anticipate and arrange the tensions between these relationships towards an effective outcome.

We never look at just one thing; we are always looking at the relation between things and ourselves. Our vision is continually active, continually moving, continuously holding things in a circle around itself, constituting what is present to us as we are.5

Berger, John (1972). Ways of seeing (reissue, 2008). Penguin Books.

We believe that effective outcomes are:

  • Appropriate. It is relative to the larger context surrounding the problem and responds to its specific needs.
  • Economical. It is efficient in concept and form, ensuring each element utilised is necessary and works towards the clarity of the outcome.
  • Distinct. It is intentional in form, calling for attention and creates identity as a result of an appropriate response (as opposed to cynical application of trends).
  • Clear and confident. It must stand confidently by itself; it needs to be coherent and intelligible.

As such, we believe the following conditions to be necessary in the process of design:

  • Openness and collaboration. Effective design outcomes are a result of honest conversation, exploration, evaluation, and empathy.
  • Direct communication between the client and designer. Anything else distorts.
  • Sensible timeframes. To attempt a solution, the problem must be thoroughly investigated and understood: time allows it to be defined, scrutinised and contemplated upon. The resulting ideas should then also be similarly evaluated to ensure it satisfies all the needs of the problem.

Kalu is formed upon these ideas and ideals. Our mission is to hone in on a process that seeks to remove interference and focuses on the needs of the problem: a process that enables clear and distinct outcomes.


Designed and built by Kalu. Set in Signifier and Untitled Sans by KLIM Type Foundry

Work shown is copyright of Kalu and/or its respective clients. ‘In development’ work shared with permission.

This website does not track, store, or collect any data.

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